‘Trina has helped me work through a lot of big life events and stressors in my life. I always feel safe when I work with her and she brings me to places inside of myself that I have forgotten about.

She always helps me return to who I want to be and she does it with love and patience. I am so grateful I’ve gotten the opportunity to work with her and I will keep visiting her for years to come.’ 

kira m.

‘Trina is an incredible and highly intuitive healer. Our session together was delightful. She connected with me in a way that calmed my mind and allowed my body to heaI gently - I cannot recommend her enough. Thank you Trina for the work that you offer to the world. ’

lee s.

‘I’ve done a couple Breathwork groups with Trina, and each time is a different experience. I’ve traversed through many emotional states and mental layers to the deepest parts of my heart, where I found roots of pain and trauma that I thought I’d moved on from. I was able to feel and release these last bits of ‘armor’ I was holding on to. I could then step into a more embodied version of my highest truth without needing to save those bits of pain as a defense mechanism that was keeping me closed off from living fully.

I’ve also had experiences during the breath where I’ve laughed so hard from the depths of my belly and felt so deeply happy while joy-filled tears streamed down my face because it felt so good to be in fun silly energy.

It’s truly an experience to be explored. She is a wonderful and present facilitator.’

kim h.