about trina

artist // yogi // breathworker

trina is a visual artist, yoga teacher, breathworker, and energy practitioner living and working in hawaii. she has done a wide array of trainings in breathwork, yoga, meditation, compassionate listen, reiki, energy work...the list goes on and grows every year. 

already having had a deep draw to the greater questions of how and why we’re here, she found herself attracting people who offered her a look beyond the basic christianity that had been fed to her growing up. searching the internet on topics from past lives and law of attraction, to energy healing and shamanism, at 15 she sought out a reiki healer and sound alchemist following a traumatizing experience involving a family member.  

since then, she has explored consciousness through yoga, meditation, plant medicine, trance, hypnosis, acupuncture, ayurveda, breathwork, kirtan, talk therapy, human design, astrology, seances, and continues to expand.